Yona. R

I came to know about Mithra through her Instagram handle. Until I got to know her, i used to follow diets from random YouTube videos and avoided rice and other good foods for many years.  And, I never quite achieved my targeted weight for years.

I decided to get a consultation with Mithra and see how it works. After my consultation with her, I realised that I had been under eating for  3 whole years. She thoroughly understood what I am into (the so called diets from influencers) and slowly made me realise that one need not chronically under eat and restrict calories. She made sure I learnt how to lose weight, stay healthy by consuming  regular & proper  meals including rice.

Her 30 day jumpstart program did  not just focus on weight loss, she also made sure i understood about my hunger & stress levels. 

My custom made meal plans were based on all my individual concerns. My meal plans were primarily focused on eating healthy meals with balanced portions that has every food group in it (like protein, carbs, and fats).

There is a hell a lot to learn from her. Now, equipped with all inputs I am slowly exploring  more recipes/plans with adequate portions of nutrients. She also ensures whether I can customise a proper meal by myself for a day or two so that I can continue the same even after my 30 days jump start program until I reach my desired goal (as it was very high in number 😉)

Thank you Mithra, for all your support, guidance, tricks and tips for the whole 30 days and even after that until now. 

And last but not least, I pray that people should believe in a nutritionist who can understand their problem/requirements & guide them with a lot of handholding rather than believing unknown YouTube/influencers.