Swetha Sridharan

 I have been following Mithra on Instagram and have always been a fan of her straightforward informative content.

Few months ago, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and she came highly recommended by my friend for setting my eating habits right. She proved to be a great, empathetic and flexible nutritionist off-screen as well.

Before our initial consultation, she had a very structured process which included our expectations and goals from the program. This helped in resetting my mind to what I would want to achieve and learn in the forthcoming weeks. 

She has a very methodical approach to what she suggests and is very flexible to our needs and schedule. Her meal plans were dynamic and tailored to our palettes.

Even after the program, she made sure I was alright to go forward with my habits and intuitions.

Of course, I gained a lot of knowledge, a lot of Do’s & Don’ts, to trust my gut feelings and to be able to follow them sustainably.

I’m happy to convey that I have met my goals and have been able to follow them everyday as well.

There was more of unlearning to do with respect to how I had approached food before. Mithra was always open for questions, prompt in answering them and even if you didn’t have one, she made sure I was on the right path with the right attitude with respect to food.

I would 100% recommend her to anyone who would want to build a healthy relationship with food and want to start a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you Mithra for everything you have done and taught me.