Priya K

After a few years of experiencing digestive issues and then getting to a point where I realised it was affecting my quality of life, I decided to seek help and get to the root of my problems.

I have been following Mithra’s work on her instagram handle for a few months now and really liked her standpoint on gut health and nutrition.

Right from our first interaction Mithra was very thorough and professional, also at the same time very empathetic- that’s her working style. She made sure I was comfortable sharing my concerns and was prompt at answering any questions.

Mithra has a systematic approach to things and well evaluated my health needs to make a customised nutrition treatment plan. During the program and even after she’d take that extra mile to see if I’m set on the right track and progressing well.

My biggest challenge in this journey has been fear surrounding food and handling food sensitivities. Coming out of the program, I’m much more confident about planning my meals and better equipped with tools to deal with them.

Mithra also shares lots of creative ideas/recipes to help diversify the way one eats, plans a supplement regime and sets personalised weekly goals for optimum health.

It’s been a great experience to be able to learn so much through her program, totally worth it.

Thank you Mithra for all the insight, guidance and support. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who is on a wellness journey or looking for practical nutrition & lifestyle advice.