I came across Mithra’s profile on Instagram & she is full of information I booked a face to face( one – one )session and it was mind blowing , her food journal template that she made me to note down for a week before our consultation was an eye opener and when you see it after a week you know how you been treating your body.

She didn’t ask me to go on a “strict diet” and made sure it was very flexible & something that I could follow long term, especially things like lifestyle changes. Though with initial hiccups I’m continuing her advise.

Mithra’s tailored meal plans are not to miss, 3 days of guided eating along with recipe guides- you will love it. The plans can be made into different combinations -3 meals & snacks for 3 days which you jumble up & you are done for a week. With her meal plan & ideas, it’s so easy to cook mainly nutritious, & good on your tummy kind of food. After her modified Lowfodmap diet I feel so light. Mithra is a savior. Looking forward to meet her again ☺️