I came across Mithra’s profile on Instagram and I have to say, getting to know her and working with her has been the one of the best decisions I have made. Being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, hypothyroidic and also as someone with PCOD, I needed professional guidance into making better choices in my food and Mithra was my undoubted choice. 

Despite being in time zones that are complete opposites, she would patiently respond to every message and call, sometimes staying up late to accommodate those calls. The meal plans she personalised for me for 30 days are going to be a base for the future. When I received the first day’s plan, I remember looking at it in utter surprise. What I expected was a radical change in my diet and dietary preferences. Instead, I was given a plan that I could easily adhere to without having to restrict myself from the foods I grew up eating but with a healthier twist that has impacted me in a visibly positive way. It is only because of Mithra that my meal plates are more varied, colourful, tastier, healthier and more importantly, EXTREMELY satiating. She taught me that eating healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or highly restrictive.

 And as an added bonus, I find a distinct improvement in my quality of sleep and overall energy levels. She took utmost care to explain the science behind why certain foods are not to be eaten with others, what specific nutrients I needed to include considering my medical history and pairing certain foods with others so I could get the best out of both. 

Working with her has been eye opening, to say the least. I hope to make her proud with my next blood work! Thank you Mithra.