I moved to Australia as a newly wed and in our busy routines we couldn’t make room for a variety of nutritious foods & settled for convenient & quick meals. A drastic change in diet, sleep & lifestyle had resulted in a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. Just when I was looking to work with a nutritionist to help with my weight loss & change in food habits I happened to stumble on Sangamithra’s Instagram page , when I was looking for information on probiotics & the different strains, functions which she has clearly explained in all of her posts.

I was keen to get on board and work with her & coincidentally, she had posted on how she is taking in overseas clients via virtual consults. Mithra was kind enough to answer all of my questions after which we sat down to list the causes for my hypothyroidism & on how to modify  my diet. She is very knowledgeable & patient when it comes to answering questions & making you understand the science behind food & lifestyle modifications. 

The best thing about her is she would adjust meal plans according to your preferences, cooking styles & doesn’t ask you to change your current food choices. I feel this is such an important quality in a nutritionist as this will help you in the long run where crash diets won’t. She doesn’t insist on eliminating any food or beverages like tea & coffee unnecessarily. Her efforts to educate her audiences with research papers & evidence based facts is something I admire. Investing my time & trusting her was one of the best things I did for myself & I can promise you that you will not regret if you decide to work with her.

She is always a message away & would suggest local grocery alternatives or supplement suggestions ( in my case Coles & chemist warehouse in Aus) I am slowly incorporating all the changes Mithra has suggested & looking to reverse the condition in the near future. Last but not the least, her consult fee is reasonable & affordable.