Hana M

At first, it was every few years that I experienced stomach issues and as time went on, these issues became more frequent. This is when I decided that it was time to take action and transform my health. I did not want to let my gut issues get in the way of my daily life and it was about time that I started making attempts towards change. This was also when my mom, who has been super supportive through this journey, mentioned to me about Mithra, whom she had come across on Instagram and how she loved the way she explains and shares things. I decided to check Mithra’s Instagram account myself and agreeing with my mom, I decided to take a step towards booking my first consultation. 

I was feeling nervous yet excited before starting the program, nervous because by that time, I was pretty much feeling dejected and had resorted to the notion that I could not control what I was going through and excited because I was feeling good about having taken a step towards changing my lifestyle. Through the program, I learnt that my preconceived notions about my lifestyle were so wrong! Through Mithra’s systematic approach towards meal plans and daily check-ins, I learnt more on what I have been doing wrong and something that kept me going was observing physical manifestations of my efforts towards correcting my mistakes. I was also very happy with the alternative healthy suggestions that I had gotten from Mithra for the ‘ not so healthy ‘snacks I had been eating for a very long time now. 

This journey also had its downs along with the ups. On some days, I felt very discouraged and unmotivated when I started experiencing symptoms again and I would start to over-analyse what went wrong but Mithra reminded me that not everyday can be perfect, symptoms especially when associated with a particular food for example is unavoidable and what matters more is knowing what exactly it is that is causing the symptoms and how I can avoid it next time

Mithra has taught me that I am indeed in control of my own lifestyle and that the changes I make have the potential to create something positive in my life. I would not say that I am perfect now because each day, I am still learning something new and growing to become a better version of myself so one piece of advice that I would give to someone who is currently in the position I was in a few months ago, don’t be afraid to make changes to your life! Everyone has to start somewhere. I am grateful to Mithra for helping me through this journey and having been there through every up and down. She has not only imparted me with helpful knowledge and tips for my gut health & IBS, I have also improved my internal accountability to myself due to her presence as my external accountability and changed my perception towards my lifestyle.