Indu Nair

I had come to Sangamithra as a worried individual battling PCOS, who was on a binging-purge cycle and had a substantial amount of body image issues and anxiety. I was also very uncomfortable with food in general and felt super guilty eating anything I enjoyed. I must admit I was super nervous before I contacted her, I was in two minds because I was frankly traumatised by my earlier visits to other dieticians, who gave me extremely restrictive diets and shamed me for not following.

Mithra immediately put me at ease, she understood exactly what it was that I needed and were so lovely, I knew I was in good hands now. She really helped me change my relationship with food and my body!

The biggest change and frankly something that made me dance with joy was that, after I started my program in just about a month I had begun ovulating again. For a person with PCOS who wasn’t ovulating for over 2 years, this is a very big deal!I no longer get guilty over food, I am very mindful of what I eat, I have begun to listen to my body, and pick up on cues of hunger and fullness. I have become stronger and I feel comfortable in my body! Taking care of myself used to feel like a chore but not anymore.Thank you so very very much Sangamithra! You’ve really been a life saver, and thank you so much for all the lovely tips and recipes!