It may not be a surprise that I stumbled across Mithra’s instagram profile through her engaging content. I was hooked right from the first few posts bursting myths and informative posts.

I signed up for her 30 day gut reset program – with a couple of simple goals.  There’s way too much nutrition information out there & I needed to figure out what worked for me. I needed a pattern to eat healthy which went beyond meal plans and crash diets, in short to be better informed of my food choices to understand what can be sustainable for my busy lifestyle. 

After our initial consult – She had set a very clear structure for the program tailored to my needs consisting of phases of elimination and reintroduction of food groups. We kept in touch daily on whatsapp & check ins which were very helpful to adjust my work schedules and also provided various alternative options. I think the best thing is she figures out the way *for you* to utilize and derive maximum value from *her program*.

I’m happy to say, I’ve met my goals. Today I am confident about my meal planning, I know how to identify what works for me and more importantly what doesn’t. I can figure out triggers and atleast take baby steps to try and fix it and bring myself back to ground zero. 

Thanks Mithra for all of the above and most importantly for all those little tips and tricks that ensures me a happy and healthy relationship with food.